Who is Celebrated Food

The Food

As our company name implies, we create the food you will serve your guests to celebrate your event. we stylize our recipes and design our menus according to your needs and wishes. though our training is classically french, we search the world for fresh flavors and innovative techniques.  our repertoire is constantly updating to always provide you with exciting ideas and tantalizing presentations


we can also help create your beverage menu and to serve it. purchasing your alcohol is still your responsibility.

The Staff

In order to ensure a perfect event,Celebrated Food works with highly trained serving staff. They include leaders, chefs bartenders and waiters. They handle every responsibility regarding your function. From coat check to coffee service, all is taken care of. This includes setting up any equipment and /or moving any furniture necessary to the flow of the party. Buffet tables are arranged and decorated. Plateware and silverware are set out. Final food preparations and finishing is handled appropriately. Through the course of the function your guests are managed and catered to in a professional and courteous manner. Whatever their need maybe, our staff is there to provide for them. Timing and direction are managed discreetly. Once the function has ended, the staff cleans up and resets to a point where the evidence of the party chaos has been wiped clean. Throughout the event, it is the goal of the staff to make you a guest at your own function.

Rates for servers are $30 per hour for waiters and $40per hour for leaders, chefs and bartenders. There is a four hour minimum and billing is based on departure time from our commissary until completion of the function on site. These fees are paid directly to the staff members in cash or check.

Generally staffing is based on a formula of one staff member per ten guests. For example a party of fifty guests would be staffed by one leader, one chef, one bartender and two waiters. This is a very basic supposition and many factors can lead to changes in staffing upwards or downwards.

Length of function is also a variable though most functions run approximately seven hours including set-up and clean-up time.

Travel time may be charged depending on distance to the event site.


Celebrated Food can arrange for any necessary equipment that may be needed for a function. China, glassware, silverware and linens are available in a large variety of styles. Choices can be made in linen colors and patterns. China and silverware can range from simple whiteto floralwith gold plated knives and forks. This variety enables wonderful looks to be created that enhance the feel and spirit of a party. Different types of tables and chairs can be supplied that will help to set certain moods. Large rounds for convivial dining or small cocktail tables for intimate conversation are just two possibilities that can be considered. When weighing these options it is best to arrange a site inspection that allows us to provide the best suggestions according to your space, your budget, and your style.


if you do not wish to have your party in your home, or the guest list is just too large, we know of a number of venues that are available to you. we can also assist in arranging a tent on your site if that is your wish.

Additional Assistance

we can also point you in the best direction for floral decorations, photography and entertainment ideas.

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